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Daycare Centers for Your Child

Finding a Daycare Center close to your home or work is easier then every before now. Theere are hundreds of thousands of daycare centers in US. But one size does not fit all. Some of the considerations would be the size of the daycare center in terms of the number of children, the staff-children ratio, cleanliness, number of toys and more. Also check on the staff qualifications - are they CPR certified. Infants CPR is different than regular CPR, so check on that too. Look for insurance and other registrations to make sure that the facility is safe

No matter how many questions you ask, you would probably get the best idea when you see things with your own eyes, so setup an observation of the Daycare center. Look for childrens' behavior to see if they are happy at the daycare center or not, staff's attitude towards them. Try to go at a time just before the lunch. Such a visit would tell you more about the classroom setting as well outside time as well. See how you feel about the discipline. Different parents have different views about these aspects.

One additional peice of information that we offer is to see if there is a registered sex offender living or working close to the daycare. We currently offer this in California, New York, Texas and Missouri but are working on expanding it to other states also. to get started, just enter the address around which you are looking for a Daycare Center and hit the search above. All the very best!